hansel from basel ist ein unabhängiges Fashion-Label aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien. Inspiriert von den kleinen Dingen des täglichen Lebens, werden einzigartige Socken, Strumpfhosen und Accessoires kreiert.

Hellolulu was conceived in 2005 by two friends John & Ronny, carrying the motto “Carry Happiness”.

Hellolulu identified originality, simplicity and practicality as its core elements, with products that provide a great user experience. Since its debut season, Hellolulu had already won the accolades of customers with its various notebook computer and camera related products, with great function, vibrant colors as well as practical and thoughtful features. On its 10th anniversary, Hellolulu further enhance its products by introducing more stylish elements into the designs

while putting greater emphasis on cleaner lines, exquisite cutting, as well as thoughtful details. Consequently, each and every Hellolulu product carries performance, evergreen color schemes, and selected materials, and can be used for all seasons and occasions with durability and environmental-friendliness in mind. Hellolulu has extended its popularity beyond our home since inception, and our products are now being marketed in Europe, the United States, Japan and Taiwan.


 "All our bags are coated with special treatment so they can remain water or liquid resistant, a lot of our customers who like to keep their Hellolulu's bag clean, we do not advised to send your bag into the washing machine in which the pressure etc would be too harsh as there is a special coating on the material which helps the bag to stay water resistant. Instead, we recommend you to wipe your bag with mild soapy water and rinse gently - that should keep your bag in good condition."



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